December 28


Montepego Beach Life – Playa de las Marinas

By sobremesa

December 28, 2022

Beaches, Playa De Las Marinas

Playa de las Marinas

Playa de las Marinas (Marine Beach) stretches for miles, between Denia and Els Poblets. It's very popular with families, picnickers and dog-walkers and there are several cafés and restaurants to pause at, for a drink or a meal whilst enjoying the sea view. It does tend to get busy the closer you get to town. The beach slopes gently and is safe for swimming. The public showers are centre to the beach, but not always turned on. This is a natural beach, beautiful in beautiful weather and stormy when it's stormy. The beach is cleaned occasionally, but it does tend to suffer from weed being brought ashore by the waves.

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