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Spain Set To Launch New Visa In 2023

Spain does not have a digital nomad visa yet, but one is expected in Spring 2023. Once the Spain digital nomad visa is launched, you can work remotely from Spain for any foreign employer. EU and EEA citizens can live in Spain and work as digital nomads for up to three months with no restrictions.

What happens when the new Digital Nomad Visa is launched?

Spain will officially enter the list of European countries offering Digital Nomad Visa programs to attract international talent to their economies.

The point of the new visa for digital nomads, according to Spainvisa, is “to take advantage of the explosion of remote working options accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. The hope is that this will boost talent and investment in Spain and improve the country’s credentials as a global business hub.”

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Discounts for Monthly Reservations


Discounts for Monthly Reservations

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